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"This is me, this is my journal, this is my journey..

These are my 12 Months to Happier Habits."

 Use this journal to explore habits you want to eliminate or add

to your life that will create a healthier and happier you.

Take 12 habits in total. One for each month and explore for yourself how best to either keep or reduce/eliminate these things from your life.This journal is meant to be shared with your friends and community, to inspire discussion, introspection and support.

A note from the creators:


Hello, we’d love to introduce you to our wellness journal and passion project, 12 Months to Happier Habits written by (us) Dr. Kendal Maxwell, and designed by artist Victoria Nicole Varela.  Please take a moment  to read our message below for a quick overview and ways to help support our journal.


This 12 month guided wellness journal focuses on elimination and addition of negative and positive habits from one's life within a 12 month focus period. Designed in full color, hardbound with a ribbon marker, with mixed media art spreads and quotes between chapters,  all of the art, photography and design are original. This journal has been many years of research and creativity paired with passion to help others. We’re overjoyed it's finally published and being received with such support and enthusiasm!


We designed this journal to be a coffee table book. Yes, a journal as a coffee table book, an overall conversation piece. This journal is meant to be shared with your friends and community, to inspire discussion, introspection and support. “This is me, this is my journal, this is my journey,” is a major theme we want to communicate. We believe that being open and transparent about one's habits with others, and sharing one's journey is really the only way to create and inspire change, promote accountability and reinforce support. Constant growth and evolution are necessity to the creation of happier habits and this journal provides the consumer with a safe and supportive tool to do so.


Please help us to inspire change towards happier habits! Spread the word by reposting and tagging our amazon link and writing a review (after you received your copy). Follow our page, like and reshare our posts and above all else share our journal with your friends and family (links below)!


We’d love any and all videos, testimonials or photography so we can share them with our community! Any way you can help us is so greatly appreciated. Blogs, podcasts, media posts, wellness articles, please help us connect with new audiences in your networks, if any shops or studios who would like to carry our journal we’d love an introduction. 


Thank you so much for your support, 


Dr. Kendal Maxwell Victoria Nicole Varela

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